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SunISP provides ground-breaking communication solutions for all kinds of customers, ranging from large corporations needing fast and efficient business services to an individual customer who needs access to the Internet from home.

As the world of technology evolves with increasing speed into a high-tech marketplace, the need for wireless, portable and high-speed communication devices has intensified rapidly. It is needed not only to survive, but to succeed.

SunISP is committed to working one-on-one with our customers to set up and maintain an effective way to communicate easily and effortlessly day after day. We help you to control the power of technology and expand your business with ease through our wide range of products and service.

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Do you have a child away at college? Or may be just an old friend you have not heard from in a long time. With Sun ISP you can talk and talk unlimited to anywhere in the USA for as low as $6.95.

So, just start talking.
One Click Away
SunISP Internet gives you the one thing you want most out of your satelite internet-access. One click and you are sending photos to your family, shopping online. you will be at the head of the line for paying bills, or in the front raw for streaming audio and video
Whatever your Internet needs, we’ve got the package for you
Business and Residential Plans
for VoIP Services
Make calls to any one of the 50 states of the USA, Canada or anywhere in the world for pennies. By using SunISP Broadband, DSL or Satellite Internet Access, you don't even need expensive hardware.

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Business and Residential Plans
for Satellite Internet Services
By using SunISP Satellite or even your own Internet provider you ll able to have clear digital voice with our services..

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We at SunISP understand that Internet access can be costly for our customers outside the United States. That's why we have developed a progressive approach especially for our Caribbean and Latin American customers to save money.

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News & Media
30 July 2016
SunISP has completed and have turned up service in Haiti for International calling to any Mobile for Pennies
28 July 2015
Phone2go Is here, Unlimited Calling to any 23 Country 99.99 A year Calling Bahamas, Brazil, USA, India, USA and Canada and more.